Why I Like to Hunt My Own Targets By Serving Them the Complaint Myself?

I was a process server for five years before I went to law school.  I was in the collection business.  Serving your own process provides a hands on view of the target’s property, their mannerisms, etc.  Today Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis was personally served with one of our client’s complaints against him.  We staked out the courthouse and waited for him to arrive.  Through sophisticated electronics, I knew when he was going to enter the U.S. Marshal’s checkpoint.  Once the target was acquired, he was served with the summons and complaint.  A copy of the proof of service is attached.  Joe Francis and his defendant LLC now has only 30 days to respond.  I can take his deposition in 10 days and written discovery in 20 days.  It starts the pressure immediately and moves the case with alacrity. The proof of service is immediately prepared and filed.  This way, opposing counsel knows that we mean business and we are zealously representing our client.  This is how we roll at Ronald Richards and Associates, A.P.C.  

Joe Francis Proof of Service, Click Here

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