What A Week To Be Out of Town, Reggie Miller, Bannergate, and More

I was out of town last week and the entire Bannergate erupted.  Diary of  a Hollywood Streetking did a story on the case that was resolved.  Then, someone hired a plane to fly an banner entitled “Reggie Miller Stop Pursuing Married Woman.”  Then it was covered by the Daily Mall and a story erupted as to who flew the banner.  The two stories collided and before you know it, TMZ, NBC, the NY POST, and every other paper across the country covered this story.   Meanwhile, I was minding my own business driving Ferrari’s at Mount Trem Blanc in Canada.  Ronald Richards & Associates, A.P.C. has a big case load this week.  The criminal tax evasion trial of Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild starts this weeks as well.   There will be a lot to blog about.

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