The government seeing that their criminal tax evasion case was in shambles against Joe Francis due to their star witness (his former accountant) concealing his own crimes from his government statements, decided to give the Girls Gone Wild founder a deal that was the preclude to this current seizure action.  What is happening here was so obvious I am shocked that his attorneys didn’t see this coming or that they didn’t first determine what the government’s tax position would be before signing a Luciferian plea agreement.  First, the plea agreement said this was coming.  I have attached page nine of the plea agreement here:  Page Nine of Plea agreement It states that Francis, Mantra Films, and Sands Media would all be responsible for all civil and administrative remedies.  Hello people, this means the tax levies and liens are coming.    This reminds me of the Shawshank Redemption scene.

That Andy hides his method of freedom (rock hammer) inside the “ONE” object (bible) that Warden Norton did “NOT” check inside Andy’s cell when he was “tossing” it.
And that Norton actually held it in his hand and gave it back to Andy through the bars.

“His judgment cometh, and that right soon.”
That Norton read that phrase when looking in his safe and taking out the bible – the bible that Andy hid his rock hammer in,
And when Norton opens the cover, he reads the ironic message from Andy “Warden, you were right, salvation lies within.”
Warden Norton’s “judgment” cometh right soon – as the police stormed the office.

Joe Francis loves money more than freedom and now he is going to lose a lot of it.  The government rather have the money than pay for his incarceration.  The $34,000,000 tax due bill is growing exponentially.  Years of litigation and lowered sales have depleted his cash reserves.  Not many people can take a hit of this nature and survive financially.  If he filed for bankruptcy, he would lose his business and venture capitalists would buy the rights to the the Girls Gone Wild films and he would be finished.

Outside of producing those films which exploit drunken college girls, he has no other real talent except for being a complete F… up.  He is the protoplasmic definition of “A stupid rich guy.”  Joe Francis and Brandon Davis are running neck and neck to see who wins.

He claims he is filing bankruptcy but that is just another ploy.  Instead, he filed a lawsuit against the United States seeking to obtain an injunction against the money the IRS has already seized.  He then tried to obtain a temporary restraining order releasing the levy which the Court denied.  See here:  Denial of TRO

It is further ironic that Francis maintains is portfolio at UBS, the Swiss Bank that recently has been under scrutiny for hiding American tax cheat’s accounts and was forced to turn over the names of the tax cheats.

The Court set a hearing date for a preliminary injunction on December 10, 2009.  The only issue is whether the IRS first gave Joe notice of the tax due bill prior to the levy.  The facts are clear, the IRS did personally serve him with the tax due bill then went and ordered the levies which they caused to be placed on his accounts.  Joe’s legal argument is that because the levies were issued prior to him being served, they are defective.  The IRS of course gave him notice first before the levies were placed on his accounts albeit short notice.  How many of you think the United States government will be forced to release monies from a tax cheat after they seize the funds on a technicality?  Does that ever happen?  Rarely ever.

December 10, 2009 is his new hearing date.  I will be there.  It should be a real treat to watch his last legal hooray.

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