Provecho Restaurant-R.I.P.

Back n July of 2009, I blogged about these guys.

They had the gaul to sue my client for not investing in the restaurant.  Jill Bigelow, the operator of the restaurant with her soon to be ex husband Gabe Morales, filed bankruptcy for the general partner.  Today, in the Bankruptcy Court granted relief from the automatic stay.  See it here  Relief From Stay

The bank is now going to repossess all of the assets of this joke of an enterprise.  Recently, Jill Bigelow attempted to hold her attorneys hostage by forcing them to go to trial without paying them.  Apparently, she doesn’t know that slavery was abolished with the 13th Amendment.  Instead, the Court continued the trial until April of 2011 much to her chagrin.

Now, with liquidation eminent, the restaurant will go to the dust bin of glorified business ventures.  Lesson learned, don’t sue your potential investors and remember,having an MBA is not a substitute for a law degree.  I should now, I went to both business school and law school.

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