In my action against Joe Francis for Jayde Nicole he just recently retained new counsel after his prior counsel withdrew. I have a bunch of psychotic emails from him during his short lived in pro per status. However, just when Joe Francis thought his criminal problems were a thing of the past, he ended up apparently violating the protective order from his criminal case. In addition, his former defense team from Munger, Tolles & Olson has just withdrawn. This one slip up can cost a cash strapped Joe Francis a bundle to defend and Judge Otero can easily give him custody time.

A copy of the motion for criminal contempt can be viewed here: Francis Contempt Motion

In a criminal case, sometimes discovery obtained by the government which exposes witnesses cannot be used or disseminated in other cases or by the defendant. This is what was in place against the Girls Gone Wild CEO. After the trial was over, Joe, holding true to his reckless ways, used some interviews as leverage in attempting to negotiate a debt with his creditors.

This attempt has backfired and now once again, on June 21, 2010, Joe Francis is looking at custody time.

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