It was not long ago that the Girls Gone Wild king was a feeding frenzy for attorneys.  Especially, the large law firms.  Now, in his two open civil cases in Los Angeles, they withdrew living him in pro per.  Steve Wynn is pursuing him with a vengeance.  Attached is a minute order showing how bad it is.   He showed up at a debtor’s exam initiated by Mr. Wynn and they confiscated $1,900.00 in cash from him.  See order here:Francis Debtor Exam Doc 

On his federal tax case, he didn’t appeal the District Court’s denial of his motion for reconsideration.  See prior post here:

Recently, he didn’t show up for a hearing in federal court.    His former attorney in Northern Florida sued him for fees. His attorney representing him withdrew and now she is seeking a default judgment against him.  See the story here

These are the final signs of someone’s financial end.  I mean really, would you actually pay $10.00 to see video or DVD of college girls showing their breasts?  This  market is getting harder for him to find as well.  He recent tour, was in the famous town of Greencastle.  Do any of you know where that is?  Here is the story on how hard local officials are making it for him to exploit young drunk woman.

All in all, it doesn’t look too pretty.  I will give you more next week.

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