Joe Francis Mugshot

Joe Francis Mugshot

Here are the relevant parts of the order.  You can pull down the entire order below.  It was just released ten minutes ago.    This will most likely trigger a criminal probation violation on Mr. Francis’s state court cases pursuant to Penal Code section 166 for violating a court order.  Plus, the findings are also going to be used against him in State Court.

You may download the entire order here:  Francis Contempt Order

Here are the highlights:

2. Francis and PSL are hereby ORDERED to immediately return both Vehicles to

R. Todd Neilson, as Chapter 11 trustee for the estate of GGW,

(the “Trustee”) or the Trustee’s

designated representative.

3. Francis and PSL are hereby ORDERED to pay the Clerk of the Court $5,000 for

every day after this Contempt Order is entered that the Vehicles have not been returned to the

Trustee or his designated representative. The payments, which shall be due 24 hours after every

day that the Vehicles have not been returned,

shall be made by check payable to “Clerk of the U.S.

Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California

” and personally delivered or sent by

certified mail to the

Trustee’s offices at Berkeley Research Group, LLC, 2049 Century Park East,

Suite 2525, Los Angeles, CA 90067. The Trustee is hereby authorized to hold such fee payments

until the Continued Contempt Hearing (defined below).


Francis and PSL are hereby ORDERED to pay to pay the Trustee’s attorneys’ fees

and costs in the amount of $40,228 for the period May 9, 2014 through June 23, 2014. This

amount is payable immediately upon entry of this Contempt Order. This Contempt Order is

without prejudice to any additional attorneys’ fees to be proven at the Continued Contempt


5. On or before July 29, 2014, the Trustee shall file a supplemental declaration with

admissible evidence, substantiating the amount of attorney’ fees and costs the Trustee incurred

from June 24, 2104 through the date that the supplemental declaration is filed due to Franci

s’s and

PSL’s violation of the Consent Order and the Preliminary Injunction, as well as the attorneys’ fees

and costs that he anticipates incurring to participate in the Continued Contempt Hearing.

6. The Court will hold a continued contempt hearing on

July 31, 2014, at 10:00 a.m., (the “Continued Contempt Hearing”) at

255 E. Temple Street, Courtroom 1575, Los Angeles, California 90012

During the Continued Contempt Hearing, the Court will inquire of the Trustee’s counsel and Francis’s and PSL’s counsel

regarding whether Francis and PSL have complied with the Ruling and this Contempt Order. If they have not, the Court will consider what

additional sanctions, if any, including arrest warrants and civil incarceration for Francis and

Wilson, might be appropriate. During the Continued Contempt Hearing, the Court will also

determine the additional amount of attorneys’ fees and costs that Francis and PSL must pay the

Trustee for attorneys’ fees and costs incurred from June 24, 2014 through and including the date

of Continued Contempt Hearing.

As of now, no payments have been made to the Court nor have the vehicles been returned according to sources.

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