The docket reveals that Mr. Francis did not have to post the $2.5m.  The docket shows he got a break and only had to post $132,500.00.  This was a lucky break for him. He was also allowed to show up for arraignment on April 27, 2011, via a summons instead of an arrest warrant being issued.  Most California defendants who do not pay a Vegas marker are arrested in Los Angeles and have to post a hefty bail or have to wire the proceeds to Nevada. 

Mr. Francis has retained his Reno Attorney David Houston who handled the one year incarceration debacle where he was legally assaulted on both coasts by competing detainers, one federal, one from Florida.

With $30m in tax liens and many other creditors circling him, this criminal case is only added stress as he is on federal probation and has a prior felony record.  It is very hard to beat a casino victim in Las Vegas.  I will update further as I check with one of Las Vegas’s most powerful and influential criminal attorneys, Ross Goodman.

Joe Francis’s Docket in the Las Vegas case.


02/02/2011                                      Indictment

02/02/2011                                      Notice

Notice and Order to Transfer Bail

02/02/2011                                      Grand Jury Indictment  (11:45 AM) (Judicial Officer Bell, Linda)


Result: Matter Heard

02/02/2011                                      Bail Set

Bail set at $132,500.00

02/03/2011                                      Notice

02/08/2011                                      Bail Bond

02/08/2011                                      Bail Bond

#S250-1629666 – $132,500.00

02/08/2011                                      Notice of Receipt of Bond Transfer

02/08/2011                                      Notice of Receipt of Bond Transfer

02/16/2011                                      Reporters Transcript

Reporter’s Transcript of Proceedings – Grand Jury Hearing – February 1, 2011

02/17/2011                                      Media Request and Order

Media Request and Order for Camera Access to Court Proceedings

04/27/2011                                      Initial Arraignment  (8:45 AM) (Judicial Officer Bell, Linda)

02/16/2011         Reset by Court to 04/27/2011

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