Sumner Redstone Refuses To Testify At His Competency Trial

Sumner Redstone Refuses To Testify At His Competency Trial

Statement by Pierce O’Donnell

At a hearing this afternoon in Los Angeles Probate Court, Sumner Redstone’s lawyers announced that he will not testify at the upcoming trial about his competency.  This fatal admission was forced by our request to take a pretrial videotaped deposition of him as mandated by California law.  The failure to produce Redstone dooms their defense.  Judge David Cowan wanted to hear from Redstone himself and not cleverly massaged information provided by his attorneys.

Without Redstone testifying, they cannot demonstrate his mental competency in the face of distinguished expert psychiatric reports and a mountain of evidence that Redstone is tragically incapacitated and unable to make his own health care decisions.  We eagerly await trial where all this evidence will assure that the Court protects Redstone from those who are supposed to protect him but instead are preying on him.

The Court further committed Redstone’s alleged legal team to their decision to NOT CALL him to testify which is now set in stone.  Ronald Richards confirmed this on the record.

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