Don’t believe the media.  They get it wrong constantly, espectially TMZ.  First, TMZ reported that

Joe Francis Off the Hook for $33 Million Tax Bill

Posted Feb 14th 2010 6:17AM by TMZ Staff

Joe FrancisJoe Francis no longer owes Uncle Sam $33 million in back taxes, which is news … to Joe Francis.

As TMZ first reported, Joe was fighting the IRS over the $33 million tax lien they slapped against him this past November. Joe sued to get the government over it and, lo and behold, he won — which came as great news to Joe.

When we called Joe for comment, he said, “Really? I paid it?”

After a little digging, Joe called us back and said he “thinks” the lien was just released (meaning the government dropped it) — but that he didn’t actually pay anything.

Must be nice to not even know if you just shelled out $33 million to the federal government.

This was COMPLETELY FALSE!  The government only released the IRS automatic lien which was DUPLICATED.  See attached affidavit you will only get here:  Francis NO LIEN RELEASE

In addition, the Court on February 24, 2010, took off calendar his March 1, 2010 hearing date and said he will consider the matter without oral argument.  The Court had already denied Francis’s bid to release the levy and the tax lien and his motion for reconsideration had a slim change of being granted anyway.  Here is a copy of the order:
The fact that the judge didn’t even want to hear from Francis’s attorneys probably means there is very little merit to his arguments.   TMZ simply jumped the gun when they saw the duplicate lien release and I have asked them to issue a retraction.
Fortunately, TMZ’s reporting of the story doesn’t equate to a real victory for Joe.  Yet, his lawyer’s foolishly argued that the duplicate lien release was a concession by the government until the government embarassed them with the attached pleading I have provided on this blog.

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