AUGUST 31, 2001

In the Los Angeles Superior Court, Case No. 1BH01094, in the Beverly Hills Court, Ronald Richards and Associates filed a comprehensive suppression motion aka as a 1538.5 Penal Code motion. The defendant had been stopped by the Beverly Hills Police for speeding.

The police under an officer safety theory, searched the vehicle. The police uncovered stolen parts.

The defense attacked the seizure of the parts on the grounds that furtive movement in a vehicle by the driver was insufficient to warrant an officer safety search.

Second, the defense contended that the removal of the items exceeded the scope of the search which was for weapons.

The court, finding the officer had no legal justification to pick up the parts, granted the motion and dismissed the case pursuant to PC 1385 and exonerated the bond.

The office is very pleased with the work on this case. -----------------------------7d7138264168e Content-Disposition: form-data; name="section" Articles