Over two years ago, Ronald Richards went on national television and took a stance: John Gordon Jones, his client at the time, was innocent of raping numerous woman in the Los Angeles Area. The video of those press conferences can be seen on the site under sex crimes.

On July 26, 2001, a jury acquitted Mr. Jones of all 29 counts against him. Even though Mr. Richards kept him out on bail during his representation, Mr. Jone's was subsequently indicted and his bail was revoked. Mr. Jones spent over two years behind bars.

He has now been vindicted. Mr. Richard's was critcized at the time for having the news conference. However, since Mr. Richards believed in his client and was not going to sit by while has was villified in the in media, Mr. Richard's took a stance early to protect his client's good name.

The firm expresses its deepest compliments to Milton Grimes and Richard Sherman, the trial attorneys, and to Mr. Jones for standing firm in jail, not buckling to the pressure of being in jail, and for having the courage to go to trial.
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