Gabor Loses Round In Suit Against Daughter

Judge Refuses To Freeze Daughter's Property

SANTA MONICA , Calif. -- A Santa Monica judge refused Tuesday to grant an order to freeze a Laurel Canyon property owned by Zsa Zsa Gabor's only daughter in a lawsuit that alleges she stole nearly $2 million from her mother.
Gabor and her husband, Frederic Prinz Von Anhalt, sued Francesca Hilton on June 1. Gabor gave birth to her daughter in 1947 during her marriage to hotel magnate Conrad Hilton, making the younger woman the great-aunt of Paris Hilton.
Gabor's lawsuit alleges her daughter and others conspired to take out a $3.75 million loan on her Bel Air home through the use of forged powers of attorney and then stole $2 million, which Hilton used to buy herself a home and also invested in a phantom company in New York .

In ruling against Gabor on the requested freeze, Superior Court Judge Jacqueline Connor found "no evidence" that Hilton was planning to sell her Carmar Drive home.
"Ultimately, what appears to be at issue is not the property, but the money used to purchase the property (the equity from plaintiffs' Bel Air home)," Connor wrote. "As long as the applicant can sue for money damages, an injunction should be denied, as there is an adequate legal remedy available."
According to Hilton's court papers, she has been living since 1982 at the Carmar Drive house, which Gabor gave to her "free and clear in 1998."
"At this point in the case, there wasn't enough evidence to justify an asset freeze pretrial," Hilton's attorney, Ronald Richards , said after the hearing.
Gabor's longtime attorney, Ronald Jason Palmieri, disagreed with the judge's decision.
"We believe Francesca will encumber the property and lose it again -- as she did once before -- and her mother will not be able to recover the money Francesca took," he said outside of court.
Hilton has denied the allegations in her mother's lawsuit, contending that Gabor asked her to refinance the Bel Air home and she has the documents to prove it.
Richards said $925,000 from the refinancing of Gabor's house was sent to New York to be invested -- but for her benefit.
He told the judge that Hilton would return that money to Gabor.
Palmieri had wanted Connor to order Hilton to give the money back, but that request was also denied.
Neither Gabor nor Hilton was at the hearing, though Von Anhalt did attend.

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