April 20, 2004

Five year battle results in full dismissal of Marijuana, money laundering, possession of unlawful proceeds charges.

(Beverly Hills, California)

On March 9, 1999, Mr. Dickens was arrested by the FBI for mail fraud resulting from a disability claim on his disability policy with Provident Insurance. During the execution of the arrest warrant, the Los Angeles Police Department, without a warrant and under the rubric of a protective sweep, discovered over $500,000 in cash and 130 lbs of marijuana. Criminal charges were filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court as a result of the warrantless search.

Mr. Dickens was detained by a federal magistrate with a hold by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Mr. Richards then become involved. Initially, he reversed the detention order (via stipulation) and Mr. Dickens was given federal bail. Mr. Dickens was then brought to state custody and Mr. Richards obtained a reasonable bond in state custody.

In August of 2000, a Federal jury in Chattanooga, TN acquitted David Dickens of 29 Counts of mail fraud. Mr. Richards represented Mr. Dickens in that case in Tennessee.

Mr. Richards then came back to Los Angeles and negotiated a plea bargain in the criminal case to only one count, possession of over $100,000.00 of specified unlawful proceeds on March 29, 2001. The marijuana, money laundering, and other related charges were dismissed. This was due to a good search issue raised by Mr. Richards and a very objective and reasonable prosecutor.

On April 20, 2004, pursuant to the plea agreement, Mr. Richards filed a motion to withdraw the plea of no contest, enter a plea of not guilty, and have the case dismissed for all purposes with no record whatsoever remaining on Mr. Dickens CII.

The Court considered the motion and granted the motion to withdraw, entered a plea of not guilty, and the case was dismissed. The firm would like to congratulate Mr. Dickens for his lack of record, trust in his attorney, and the removal of the scarlet letter of having a felony record.

Tough defense and reasonable prosecutors results in great results for the client. The results in this case were truly extraordinary for the client.


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