FEBRUARY 3, 2004

(Beverly Hills, California) The Law Firm of Ronald Richards and Associates represented the former head of the East Los Angeles Community Youth Center on a pro bono basis since November 20, 2002. (LASC Information BA240464) He was referred to the firm from Epstein and Becker (Suzanne Mawhinney), a five star employment defense firm. The defendant in this case was falsely accused of embezzlement through overtime fraud and theft. After a three day preliminary hearing, the Court wrongly held the defendant to answer on 3 out of the 4 counts.

On February 3, 2004, the Unlimited Jurisdiction Court considered the 995 motion (motion to dismiss due to legal error at the preliminary hearing) filed by the defense. Just before the hearing started, the head Deputy District Attorney of the Criminal Division agreed with Ronald Richards, Esq. and personally appeared to dismiss the case based on the fact that there was no probable cause on the underlying transcript.

The defendant, who has been living with these bogus charges since November 17, 2002, was a free man. He was framed simply because he tried to expose the East Los Angeles Youth Center. The Law Offices of Ronald Richards and Associates would like to thank the District Attorney’s Office head Criminal Deputy for finally seeing what the defense has been claiming all along, the defendant is factually and legally innocent of the allegation set forth in the information.  E. Christine Hehir, Esq. also did a great job on this case.

Currently, the Youth is appealing a civil labor board claim that was rendered in favor of the defendant in a collateral proceeding. The firm expresses its congratulations to the defendant and his family. There is nothing more satisfying then helping an INNOCENT person be relieved from a wrongful prosecution. 

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