(Los Angeles, California)

August 23, 2002

People vs. Wright Case No. BA215668

Today in Department 122 of the Los Angeles Superior Court, the District Attorney dismissed 8 of 9 charges against Mr. Wright during jury selection. After two days of testimony, the court denied the SECOND suppression motion and the jury was ordered. However, prior to selection beginning, a plea bargain was struck and Mr. Wright plead guilty to Count 3. Upon payment of a partial restitution order, Mr. Wright will be allowed to withdraw his plea and his case will be dismissed for all purposes.

The Firm thanks Mr. James Belna of the Los Angeles County District Attorneys office for working out this disposition. Mr. Belna is one of the office's best attorneys and most ethical as well as fairest.

This case lasted almost three years and Mr. Richards congratulates Mr. Wright on his well deserved resolution. This case shows that zealous defense produces great plea bargains as well as dismissals.

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